Requests and ARCs

Hello Authors!

If you would like me to review your book for my book blog, please send me an email with at least the following information:

  • What is the genre of the book?
  • What is the book about? (Synopsis)
  • Is it a stand alone or part of a series? If so, which book in the series and can they be read out of order? (I prefer the first book in a series if I haven't read the series)
  • Are there any specific warnings/tags? (example: F/F, M/M, BSDM, cheating etc.)
  • How long is the book?
  • Does it have a ending? Or does it end on a cliffhanger?
If you mail me this information to  my email adres: I will take your request in to consideration. Please only contact me via email.

A few important notes:
  • I mostly read: NA, YA, Adult, Romance, PNR and UF. So if your book falls into those genres please send me an email about your book. If it isn't, you can still send me an email with the above information, but there is less chance I will accept it.
  • I will review honestly and I can't and will not promise to like your book. I do my best to write a decent review, with constructive criticism and praise while explaining why I loved or disliked a book instead of bashing the author.
  • I have the right to not want to accept your book to read and review.
  • If I agree to read and review your book and I can't seem to finish it because I don't like it. I won't post a review of your book on my blog. I will shelve the book as DNF on Goodreads.
  • I live in the Netherlands in Europe. Please take that into consideration if it envolves a physical copy. Since this will most likely mean added shipping costs. Ebooks won't be an issue.

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