Friday, February 21, 2014

Foreplay by Sophie Jordan (The Ivy Chronicles #1)


4/5 Hearts

"You can’t even see it. I’m the safest thing you’ll ever find." - Reece

I really enjoyed reading this book.
The book is about Pepper. I do kind of like Pepper, she is who she is and doesn't care that she's not a barfly but actually studies. But honestly, what kind of a name is Pepper? Somehow I found myself internally laughing everytime the name came up. At first I thought it was a nickname, but no her actual name is Pepper. By the end of the book the laughing had ceased and annoyance took it's place. I don't really understand why characters in NA books seem to generally have the most ridicilous names. Anyhoo, back to Pepper (I can barely say it without cringing) sometimes I kind of wanted to slap her silly for the choices she makes, as she seems to be an idiot a lot of the times. This guy falls head over heels for her and she doesn't even see it.

Pepper had always been in love with Hunter, her best friends brother. To Pepper, a life with Hunter equals a perfect life, with a perfect family and perfect trips do Disney World. There is however one problem, Pepper is still a virgin and has no idea how to seduce a 'man'. She decides that she needs to gain experience and to do so, she sets her eyes on 'the bartender' AKA Reece.

Reece is the typical: seems like a bad boy, but is actual a good guy- character. I liked Reece, I thought it was obvious what he thought of Pepper and he always seemed like a very decent guy - right from the bat. I felt bad for him that he was mostly just being used.

As the two spend time together, Pepper starts be less sure of the fact that Hunter is THE guy for her. But that's all you'll get out of me, because I don't want to ruin the story for the rest of you.

I liked Hunter, he actually seemed like a nice and good guy that would treat Pepper right. I also liked Pepper's friends (Emerson and Georgia), who seemed to be really good friends to her and they made a nice addition to the story.

The book is told from Pepper's POV alone and I found myself enjoying this book a lot. It wasn't an original masterpiece, but I did think it was a very good read and I'd recommend it to any NA lover. Though I would've enjoyed to follow the story a bit from Reece's POV as well. But who knows, maybe we'll get another book from his POV. 

I read this book in december 2013. The next book in this series will be released in may of 2014 and will be about Emerson.

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