Sunday, February 16, 2014

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

4/5 Hearts

I saw that the newest book in the series was about to come out, so I decided to start reading this series. This is the first book of the series that currently envolves 7 books in total.

This book is about Cat. Cat is half campire and half human. Her mother has always told her that vampires are the biggest evil in the world. So Cat spends her nights fighting the big baddies and kicking some serious butt.
One night, she thinks she's got an easy target. Unfortunately for Cat, her target is on to her and kidnaps her to find out who she is. They end up striking an agreement to help each other. But will Cat change her mind when Bones turns out to be nothing she thought vampires were?

I really enjoyed reading this book. You jump right into the story from page one. I had to warm up to the story a bit as I wondered if I was missing a portion of my ebook. But I didn't and I got used to it soon enough.

I thought Cat was a great main character. She's bad ass and not a push over and she is who she is and I just liked her. She's a strong character and she grew on me. She doesn't let Bones walk all over her and I liked that she knows how to take care of herself.

Enter Bones the Alpha male. You can tell Bones likes Cat and I really enjoy their playful banter. Bones is british, sarcastic and extremely hot.

Miss Frost knows how to built an interesting world that I found fascinating to read about.

One thing I really didn't like however was the ending of the book. I didn't hate it and I get that the story will continue in the next book, but this book does not contain a HFN. But it does make you very anxious to start reading the next book.

I enjoyed the writing style in this book and I immediately started reading the next book! I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves PNR.

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