Sunday, February 16, 2014

One foot in the Grave by Jeanine Frost

 4.5/5 Hearts.

This is the second book in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.

“Where are you, bloodsuckers? Here, fangy, fangy, fangy...”

              “You called her Kitten? And she let you? She put me in a coma for three days when     
                I called her that? My balls never recovered from her smashing them into my 
              "And well she should have," Bones agreed. "She's my Kitten, and no one else's”

I'm really enjoying this book series so far. I was a little heart broken at the end of the first book, but I had high hopes that this one would redeem that tragic ending and it really did!

Cat is her butt-kicking self and I once again really liked her in this book. I still secretly hated her a little for walking out on Bones in the last book. Especially when I found out that about 6 years have gone by where they weren't together! It was only a question of when he would come back and I really loved how Jeaniene Frost did it.

Bones is still his usual arrogant, sexy and sarcastic self, and well.. you've got to love him. I loved that he came back, but didn't come crawling back and that he didn't change himself for Cat. He challenges her all the time, but is always there when necessary. They still have their playful banter and he is just one British alpha male hottie.

                      “Careful, luv. I might be angry with you, but that doesn't mean I don't
                       still want you. So if you do that again, I'll shag you right here, right now,
                       and sod anyone who wants to watch”

As in the first one, Cat and Bones work together to fight one big baddie. I love the world building and story in this book. I enjoyed the writing and found myself laughing out loud a few times. If you enjoyed the first one, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this one too.


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